For this task I decided to deconstruct the plot of Italian, supernatural Giallo film Suspiria as a shell for generative narrative.

I spent most of my time, analysing and deconstructing this narrative into abstractions inspired by Propp’s Functions. The abstractions that I finished with were:

Arrival - hero arrives at the site horror, and is met by someone who has seen the horror.
Seeks Refuge - hero seeks refuge
Horror Foreshadowed - the person who has seen the horror, foreshadows what they are seen
Horror aware victim murdered - the person who has seen the horror is murdered (in an ornate and ridiculous fashion)
Introduced to killer - the hero is introduced to the killer and their accomplices(they do not realize they are the killer)
Supernatural event - a strange supernatural event occurs but is quickly rationalized
Strange killer behaviour - the hero notices some strange behaviour from the killer
Ally murdered - one of the heroes allies are murdered
Ally Strangeness - there was some strange and unusual behaviour surrounding the ally
Ally investigation - the hero investigates the allies death which leads to the truth about the murderer (supernatural)
final showdown - the murderer ventures into the murderers lair where they are slain
End - the hero leaves the site of the horror physically unharmed, and it burns to the ground behind them

Definitely found myself getting very lost in the weeds of trying to generate a non-trivial narrative. There was not a lot of variation in the discourse, and I’m not sure that I managed to get beyond a kind of complex ‘world replacement’ technique. I’d like to look a bit more closely at Propp’s work and return to this task (perhaps using a different tool).