For my twine experiment I decided to create a conspiracy theory by piecing together pages of old internet archives.

Reminiscent of ‘Wayback Machine’ my story begins looking at an archived paypal website from 2002. The more the user explores the more they will begin to uncover a conspiracy.

Once again I did not even get close to actualizing my vision in this short period of time, but I feel if I spent a few days on this one it could be quite promising. I’d really like to flesh out the ‘reveal’ of this conspiracy rather than just cramming it into a blog post at the end.


The concept for the conspiracy is that Elon Musk and Peter Thiel have been murdered by a ‘hexadecimal cult’ they go by ‘B00F’ and are known on the internet for creating key generators and sharing them on file share websites. Both individuals have been replaced with demonic clones who may or may not be at the whim of a rogue Artificial Intelligence summoned by the cult. This is known to us thanks to a blog post from a PayPal employee who claims he murdered Peter Thiel under mind control techniques of the cult.