One Simple Sentence
Lasso of truth is a play about negotiating boundaries.

One Complex Sentence
Lasso of truth is about finding truth in the elusive space that exists where one body begins and another body ends.

Three to Five Sentence version of the story
Inventor and wife engage in kinky play that sublimates the man, although it seems this is primarily for his pleasure - a reversal of sexual power binary. When the Amazon is brought into their relationship the trio begin polyamorous exploration and seek to redefine the possibilities of what a relationship could be. However it is only when the Inventor leaves the women alone, that we see the capabilities of a love beyond conventional, binary, sexual dynamics. This narrative is contrasted with a number of dialogues between other characters in the dark who are attempting to find meaning with words alone. A comic book store clerk and a young girl seek to find connection through objects, particularly a valuable edition of a Wonder Woman comic.

Fuchs world questions
This is an interior planet, built and human manufactured. The narrative is contained within walls and confined spaces. Time is irregular, it jumps around and moves back and forth between different time periods. The characters seem to like each other, and enjoy each others company - they interact flirtatiously and openly. As time moves forward we see the changing of social values and gender norms.