Fuchs world questions
This story is told from a dream that overlooks a planet of plain surburban interiors - malls, family bedrooms, event halls, restaurants. A small, isolated metropolis which festers in its drabness and loneliness. The tone is jovial but dark; there is an undercurrent of poisonous irony to the narration. This world sounds like twisted wedding songs and show tunes with the batteries taken out.

The inhabitants of this world are mostly autopiloting their way through the vast suburban interiorscape. This is the ‘official’ defence mechanism which protects the citizens of this world from the intense isolation and loneliness that everyone feels. It is an unfortunate world of broken toys.

There are a few people that are different and interesting and time slows down to tell their story. These individuals commune through ‘music’ - a medium and ‘way of life’ that is the only sane alternative to religion.

One Simple Sentence
Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about a painful quest for wholeness.

One Complex Sentence
Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about a search for the ineffable thing that allows us to overcome the divisions in ourselves and between each other.

Three to Five Sentence version of the story
The play begins with Hedwig telling the beginning of their tragic story through a jarring mixture of irony, jokes and melancholy. The abuse and tragedy of their life has caused fractures in their emotional world and identity which they still working through. Hedwig meets a sheltered, blank canvas of a young man named Tommy Genesis who they cultivate into a fully featured personality. However, once this creation develops a will of its own he is unable to accept Hedwig for who they are. By the end, Hedwig merges with their creation and they become one and the same person - the quest for wholeness is complete.