For my final project for ‘Faking the news’, I build a web community that has been overun by a swarm of bots.

Using a combination of real-time scraping of data from ilxor, subreddits /r/politics and /r/The_Donald, google image search scraping and machine learning algorithms- the Pluto-C program creates a family of deranged bots reflecting forum and internet culture.

The memiverse sub-forum - I am particularly happy with. The aesthetics of online meme discussions lead themselves to particularly disturbing robot reflections.

The design of the forum was an attempt to create the ‘feeling’ of an abandoned web space. It was designed to be both anachronistic but also a love letter to the aesthetics of the nascent web.

After the machines have moved in, we experience a sense of ‘digital gentrification’ as the once familiar interface of the message board has becomes alien to us. We are no longer relevant or necessary. I like to think of the analogy of an abandoned theme park that is now home to a swarm of insects.

The project is a metaphor for the current state of the internet in 2017 and I hope that the basic sense of the internet as a ‘human space’  is perverted by the experience.