• 50W Laser Cutter
  • 1/8” Scrap wood
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Measuring calliper
  • Old Tv’s

For an art installation I am building, I am wanting to retrofit projection surfaces onto an assortment of electronics and other junk.

The first step in this process was to measure the orifices that the screens would be attached to with a calliper. Then, the shape is drawn in illustrator and sent to the laser cutter for a first draft on disposable material.

After this, a process of trial and error followed. The calliper was used to try and reduce the ‘gaps’. As the margin of error became smaller, it became more and more difficult to close what is left of the ‘gaps’.

For televisions that have an unusual shape, I used a levelling tool to take a photo of the camera from a birds eye.

I took this image into illustrator, reduced the opacity of the image and traced it to try and get a good approximation of the inner ellipse shape.

The results, after much trial and error were pretty good. However, perhaps not good enough just yet to waste my acrylic on ;).


I plan to keep refining this technique, and will laser cut to acrylic when I have it very smooth.

Another possibility would be to abandon the laser cutter and paint projector paint over surfaces where this is possible (the glass of screens etc.).