• Drill Press
  • Foam
  • Drill
  • Exacto knife
  • Ban saw
  • 2 sizes of wooden Dowels

I really like the colour of this foam material I’ve been seeing around the shop. When I encountered some in the junk pile, I was happy to take it.

I cut down the foam to a workable size using the Ban saw.

I then cut up some Dowels that would be used as the flag pole.

I found some used arcade tickets from the Junk shelf that I sticky-taped to the Dowels to create flags.

I found some cardboard tube ends that I decided to build a ‘pulley’ system out of.

I glued this first to help keep it in pace while drilling holes for the servo mount.

I then drilled the screws into the servo mount.

I used scissors to cut down the edges of the mount so that the servo could spin freely.

I found that the existing hole in the foam, was already a perfect size for the servo!

All that was needed was to use an ‘Exacto blade’ to cut some room for the wires.

I hot-glued some foam legs on the foam board so that the motor mechanism could sit underneath and be hidden.

Experimenting with some string to have the motor drive the flags revealed that a dowel would be necessary for added torque to the mechanism.

I set up a drill press so that I could drill a straight hole the size of the smaller dowel.

Worked well!

It was more difficult than expected to set up a nicely flowing pulley/dowel set up that would rotate the flags.

My strategy was to tie a small not around the dowel end, and use hot glue to secure it. I would then tie a loose knot around the pulley and roll the dowel around to get a feel for how much give would be necessary on both sides.

Due to time constraints, I re-scoped the assignment, and decided to drive a single flag with the motor, rather than 7.

I cut down the board to a smaller size.. and drilled a hole for the dowel flag.

I spent some time getting the mechanism smooth with trial and error before making a knot and gluing it.

Here is is. Ugly, but functioning.


I was too hasty with the Ban Saw, and cut up my material without thinking about centring the single flag that I had. I also would have liked to have done this with multiple flags. I learnt about mechanisms as well as gained added experience with general shop tools.