To begin with, I experimented with using the zoom to find landscapes within landscapes. By focusing on things up-close, I was able to play with scale. As I experimented with the digital zoom, I discovered that it introduces some interesting distortions and artefacts into the images. I introduced a constraint: shoot all of the video footage with the phone’s digital zoom ‘maxed-out’.

There were some interesting consequences of this. It created a discrepancy between the way my eye saw the world and the way the world looked on my phone - which created some surprises.

Another consequence was the way that the zoom made my breathing and movement more obvious.

I liked the way that screens and lights looked when zoomed all the way in. The combination of digital zoom, and the rapid movement of screen lights created some interesting distortions.

As my journey progressed, I found myself drawn to the way that electronics and screens appeared as integrated into the urban environment.

That said, looking over the footage - I’m not crazy about it. I’m not sure I have an eye for photography. I think I might have better luck curating stuff from my virtual lives… :S

This is what my folder looks like:

Some sample footage: