This week I was inspired by attending the 3LD Unzipped Vol. 4. Seeing this show eased some of my anxieties about producing ‘conceptual’ audio visual performance, and gave me the confidence to continue pursuing what I would consider to be a more purely aesthetic exploration for now. I will write another blog post about the performance this week.

I returned to my touch designer project, and decided to strip it back and imbue it with more intention. As a result it has become a more focused ‘sprite data curation tool’. I removed all effects, and added a few features including the ability to record the output of the program directly to a video file. Touch Designer can output textures directly to HAPQ format with alpha values, but I was unable to figure out how to get these to work in max.

Here is a demonstration of the TD tool. Any of these generated ‘scenes’ or ‘textures’ can be saved to a video file, which are then imported into my max project for mixing and effects.

I quickly created about 30 different textures in TD, then brought that into a video FX mixer that I am building in Max.

An initial experiment using jit.chromakey to overlay the sprite textures and some feedback produced some interesting results:

This is what the patch looks like:

However, things became more interesting when I introduced some (lame and hacky) performance controls. I couldn’t figure out a simple way to use my Midi controller.

This was my first attempt performing with them:

Theme of Warlock [Final Boss] (Monster in my Pocket), Hiroshi Takeyasu, Kozo Nakamura

Here is my Max patch uploaded to a gist.