This week was spent iterating on design ideas, and developing and refining my concept for final. The project has been renamed ‘Taking to machines’.

I spent a lot of time sketching. And eventually I arrived at this:

Due to the impracticality, implausibility and difficulty of the ‘interactive room’ aspect of the project, I have scaled down the project and interaction.

Furthermore, it became clear that to power 5+ monitors on my laptop, I would need expensive adapters or a secondary computer or GPU. This started to sound like more hassle than it was worth.

As a result, The room of monitors has been replaced with an obelisk of found-electronics. This may involve anything from televisions, microwaves, Furby’s and minibar fridges. All of these items will have projection screens retrofitted to them.

The interaction has also been overhauled. Rather than using depth sensors and movement the main interaction now is done through the phone in a sedentary position.

When the participant sits down, a phone on their right will start ringing. They will answer the phone to find that their voice creates a swelling feedback loop that influences and effects the images that they see in the frightening obelisk in front of them.

The obelisk is a monsterous internet of things, and is still intended to be scary or unsettling.

I believe that this new direction makes the act of ‘communicating with the machine’ more direct while there being much to explore in terms of fleshing out a satisfying voice-reactive experience through the telephone and video sculpture.

I have begun modifying the telephone so that it can react interactively, and interface with my audio interface.

The microphone is being replaced with microphone that will provide a separate pre-amplified signal to my audio interface.

I have also begun laser cutting scrap materials to start getting the ‘retrofit screens’ ready.


Looking forward to wiring up the telephone, the ringer and the screens all together, and getting into fleshing out and designing the audio-visual interaction.