In a world with the impending doom and cataclysm of global warming, with imperfect renewable solutions (wind does not blow all the time, sun does not shine in the time, hydroelectric kills fish) nuclear energy might be the uneasy only solution. Despite being safer than coal, big nuclear accidents have an immense effect in terms of sowing fear in broad population. To combat this, I propose:

A Field Guide To Psychological Threat Of Nuclear Energy In A World Where There Is No Other Choice

The goal here is a series of interactive tests to arm people against the existential threat posed by nuclear energy. It is both a survival guide, and a conditioning regime.

This might take the form of a double-sided sheet of paper, with one side containing tables and the other side containing an explaining of the rules as well as room for filling out your particular nuclear energy scenario.

Individuals will roll dice to psychologically stressful nuclear energy scenarios (that aren’t as bad as they may seem!). The goal of this is to prepare us, and soothe us for the bizarre outcomes that might transpire from our nuclear future.

Possibility for the outcomes to become fantastical. A reactions open rifts to other dimensions. Relaxing in natural hot springs with other dimensional being. We will protect the youth against other dimensional rifts. Would be cool if somehow the field guides could interact with each other.

Avenues for research:

  • Nuclear disasters
  • Video game simulations
  • Post apocalyptic Tabletop roleplaying games (Gamma World, Twilight: 2000, The Morrow Project, After the Bomb, and Paranoia, Aftermath.)

Systems map:

Some of the systems identified:

  • Environmental crisis & existential crisis
  • Government & economic policy
  • Market forces and capitalism (declining Nuclear economic viability)
  • Collective consciousness & psychology (growing fear about global warming)

    - History of horrific nightmarish tragedy.

  • Natural Ecosystem (potential threats, global warming)
  • Video games & folklore
  • Scientific Progress (Nuclear fusion, recreating the energy of the sun is Holy Grail)
  • Technologically - advancement and limitation (solar and wind have some scalability limitations, renewable energy Rising, Cheap Natural gas and wind)
  • Waste management lobby

MANY interesting interactions between these systems - but some:

  • Environmental crisis & existential crisis create a desperate need for reliable, zero carbon energy (Nuclear?) but growing Environmental crisis creates higher risks for Nuclear plants. This combined with the folklore, general (partially irrational) psychological fear seems to point towards a truly mentally precarious future.
  • Technological advancement, and economic incentives built into capitalism are de-prioritizing nuclear which is a relatively more expensive option that natural, gas and wind. However, environmental crisis requires urgent, zero carbon solutions that are 24/7 reliable (unlike wind and solar). Government policy could assist with this as a carbon price would improve nuclear economic viability.

References: Whatever Nuclear Power’s Threat, No Easy Alternatives (NY Times) Nuclear Power Outlook, 2018