Each day I tried to create another feature of an imaginary world I am building with an illustration and a description.


Day 1 - Inverted Foxconn Inverted Foxconn is a political framework, and a ubiquitous long-term residency (ULTR) program in the No Likes Zone, frequently holding majority ‘parliament’

Day 2 - Losers Church Extract from Losers Church core video informational: The Fatigue of Winning.

Day 3 - Empty Homes ‘Home Selection’ screen for Empty Homes. Empty Homes is an automated interiors show featuring slow, panning shots of virtual housing*.

*Cannot purchased, consumed or inhabited.

Day 4 - The Baths The Baths is a software for creating, recycling and trading fantasies. It is a testing ground for introducing new forms of behaviour into the No Likes Zone.

Day 5 - Welcome Screen No Likes Zone, Welcome Screen. After crossing the Wall, an inmate is received by an attentive receptionist who assists in customizing the initiation program for each person.

The tropical atmospherics of the Welcome Screen soothe the fatigued inmate before the initiation rituals. Inmates are always undernourished. Senses will be adjusted, and desires will be relinquished before proceeding to the Central Interface.

Day 6 - The Firewall The Firewall (‘The Wall’) that surrounds the Zone is the mechanism through which prisoners achieve both voluntary imprisonment and freedom. It creates an enclosure, a sanctuary in which the Zone can provide its cohesive, controlled experience. It offers a retreat from visibility. Total security and protection. Many prisoners develop bonds with ‘The Wall’. It is a ‘Heartbreakingly Beautiful’ technology of sacred importance.

Day 7 - The Communal Computer

The Communal Computer is a community space and a town hall. It is a humane, dynamic medium for computation. Prisoners who visit the computer will be gently lead down a path from playing, to crafting, to remixing and programming. No screens, no devices - just pure multisensory experience brought to life by the technology in the center.