For my submission to the ITP Winter Show Poster, I decided I would create a composition based on 3D scans of ITP students.

I used Skanect with a Structure Sensor to do the scans. I then imported the scans into Cinema4d where I experimented with various compositions.

The main design problem that I faced was wanting to express the artificiality of the 3D scans in a 2D space. I wanted to distance myself from perfection, but also make it clear that these were not simply doctored photographs.

I experimented with cell shading to emphasise the 3D nature of the models.

I was pleased with these results, and I attempted to composit these back onto the models in photoshop.  Unfortunately,  I felt this made the design too ‘busy’ and ‘gadgety’. The focus was distracted to be on the models and their inherent aesthetic.

These are devices that strive towards perfection, and fall short. I believe there is a poetry in the failure of these ambitious devices, and in the vulnerability that they communicate in their nascent development phase. I like the artifacts that the technology creates, so I decided to emphasise the decay and imperfections and ended with this design:

My Friends Are Lukewarm About Me