I decided to have a go at redesigning some of the signage and marketing that was put together by Rainbow Body Care in St. Marks Place.

My sense was that there was something rather charming, and playful about the rainbow coloured branding and playful use of typography - however there was way too much information being presented, without hierarchy or sufficient design organisation.

I thought it would be fun to inject some more self awareness into their branding, and provide a poster that would maybe wink at itself a little.

I first attempted to recreate the style of the Pachinko’s Big Bet, which was a failure.

I abandoned this before finishing, as I was running up against limitations in my abilities with Illustrator and graphic design.

My next step was to try something less ambitious, and to work with some of the existing references. I noticed that there were 7 proposed remedies in the initial signs, and also 7 colours of the rainbow.   I proposed having these 7 remedies vanish with the rainbow. Instead of explaining ‘This is what we can help you with’,  I considered that it would be simpler and more direct to represent the 7 ailments  vanishing with the tail of the rainbow. The curving Rainbow typeface references the shape of the rainbow.

I used Arial for the type face, and a basic Rainbow colour scheme. All very boring, but it is a start.