This Airplane ticket design was an exploration in grid spacing, and adherence to typographic ratio. Each text size is a factor of 2 of the other.  Negative space was used to allocate distinct sections for different pieces of information.

Roboto Condensed was used in addition to Roboto in order to fit more content. Wider kerning was used for headers in order to have text line up. High contrast was used to draw attention to the most important information and to give a strong but simple sense of hierarchy.

Given the unreliable nature of boarding and departure times, they have been relegated to a lower point on the design hierarchy.  People typically have to strain their eyes looking to match their flight number with the flight information on the grids of screens at airports to confirm flight information. The flight number is the most important piece of information and has been treated as such.

The only branding is on the perforated line in between the stub and the ticket.